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armed forces sends us


Do you realize, that your ordinary days are filled with small precious moments that should be documented for life? Kissing the tears of your child away, the jokes during the days, the love, the care. All these moments are so easy to forget, while they tell everything about your family life! 


Military families are always on the move. PCS-ing every couple of years, following your loved one to his/her new base. New house, new school, new neighbors, new friends. But wherever the armed forces send you, you will make the new place a home. How? Because it’s your family that makes a house a home!


Let me capture your life in Colorado Springs, CO

Let me capture your daily family life here in the Colorado Springs area! During a 4 hour session, I document all your ordinary family moments. Home schooling, doing groceries, picking up the kids from school, eating a snack, nap-time, having some fun, dinner or prepare for bedtime. And how normal these moments might sound: they do tell the story of your family. A story that you have to treasure for the rest of your life! I promise you: the images will be priceless and a precious keepsake!


day in the life of a space force family
day in the life of a space force family
documenting family life in montgomery
capture daily moments montgomery al

About the project


Documenting US military family life is a photo project of Esther Malmberg. The project started when we – as a Dutch military family – moved to Montgomery, AL for ACSC. I had the opportunity to document the life of several families in Alabama: all photosessions are precious keepsakes for those families.

Despite moving back to the Netherlands in the summer of 2021, I decided to continue my personal project! Whenever I’m in an area where American military families are stationed, I try to plan a couple of “day in the life photosessions”.

From January 9th till 13th, I will be in Colorado Springs and should have time for 2 (maybe 3) photosessions.

All families linked with the US armed forces can sign up for a documentary photosession at their own house. All sessions are free of charge, but some ‘shopping money’ is appreciated (my kids have a long list of things I need to buy in the USA).

In return, I do ask full permission to use the images on social media, website and (possible) publications.

You will receive all selected images in high resolution within 4 weeks after the photosession.


Book your family documentary right now

Book your family documentary photosession directly using the purple link below. Each session will take about 4 hours: you can select the start time in the calender. For afternoon sessions, please contact me directly for a list of options.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact me at info@esthermalmbergfotografie.nl From January 7th, I should have a (temporary) US mobile number as well.

Cannot wait to document your daily life!

With love,

Did you know: some of the images have won international prices! A Fearless Family Award is one of the highest appreciated awards for documentary photographers.

day in the life of a air force family
day in the life photography montgomery al