Weddings with children

Weddings with children


Children at a wedding, what a gift. Photographing children is one of my specialties. Their spontaneity, their joy, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Bridesmaids, pages, your own children or children of guests: small people are also invited at almost any wedding. They experience this special day in their own, unique way. One full of wonder, the other more like a rascal with his/her own agenda. A challenge? Maybe. But one I gladly accept!


The unpredictability of children may make it tense for adults, but as a photographer I can really enjoy it. Perhaps because I often work with children? I know how to hold their attention and how I can ensure that they ‘cooperate’. Spontaneously. Without pushing them, but instead playing with them.

Verrassende momenten bruidsmeisje bruiloft Gouda Woerden Utrecht
Bruidsfotograaf Gouda Internationale prijs award Esther Malmberg

Spontaneous and real moments

Children switch very fast. In the middle of the ceremony they can suddenly discover something to play with, or clamber onto your lap. They don’t stick to the script. This usually brings incredibly beautiful and emotional moments. As a photographer I always keep an eye on the little ones, so I won’t miss a single moment.

Children during the photoshoot

Are children present at the photoshoot? They can play, discover and feel free.

As a photographer I like to involve children in the photoshoot. With games I challenge them to participate. They don’t need to pose or sit still for a long time. They even don’t have to do what I say. This may sound unlikely, but it really works great. I have never experienced that children ‘pull out’. On a day with a full program, the photoshoot is a wonderful moment of freedom and fun for them. And that results in the most fantastic photos!

My specialty: spontaneous photos of the children at your wedding!

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