Kind words

I can passionately tell you about my photography and Moment Design, but who can tell more about my work than the people who preceded you ?

Below, you can read the stories of families, wedding couples and couples I was blessed to meet and capture.

Thanks for all your kind words!

More than a photoshoot


On the internet I notice the appeal of Moment Design Collectief. In the context of the ‘Betekenisweek’ photographers give away photoshoots to people with a major illness. During the shoot you can let your heart speak and share what others have meant to you. Although, I had never heard of it, I immediately know with whom I would like to do this photoshoot: with my husband and two daughters. Although I hesitate – ‘Is this really something for us’- I sign up because I am touched by this special initiative.

Much to my surprise I find out shortly afterwards that the photoshoot is on. A couple of weeks later, on our way to Gouda, we are a bit nervous. I probably most, because I arranged it. Although Esther has informed me well, I cannot imagine how it feels to be photographed and a lot of things go through my mind: “Can I control my emotions?’, Don’t the girls find it awkward’? Will I be happy with photos with my short haircut?’…

As soon as we meet Esther, I immediately feel things will be fine. What a sweet and pleasant person. And above all, a professional photographer who knows exactly what she is doing. By asking us questions, she creates a pleasant atmosphere in which we feel safe to say the things that really matter. This makes the afternoon much more than just a photoshoot. It is a wonderful lasting gift for our family, that the four of us remember with warm feelings. And if I take a look at the photos, the feeling is back immediately. How wonderful is that!

Dear Esther, thank you so much for doing this for and with us!❤️
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Linda Vermaas, november 2019

So incredibly grateful

Dear Esther, we are so incredibly grateful to you!

You were a bit tense to capture a photographer-couple and we were also nervous to be photographed.
But wow, everything was so relaxed, we sometimes even completely forgot that you were there too.

This is reflected in the spontaneous, loving photos. A smile and a tear.

We will remember this shoot as ‘three days before surgery’. Because it was ‘Betekenis Week’. We will remember this shoot because it means a lot to us.

There are three people present at the photos, you and we.
And we will never forget it when we take a look at your photos.
Thank you!

Liefs Andre en Claudia. X

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Claudia de Graaf, Thogra Pictures, september 2019

Every moment perfectly captured


Due to family circumstances we had to arrange a wedding within 2 weeks. Our photographer (who unfortunately couldn’t be there) introduced us to Esther. Everything went smoothly and before we even knew it we made an appointment to meet her. Everything felt so good, that we really wanted to work with Esther and we have never regretted it.

She was there on the most beautiful day of our lives. She captured everything so beautifully, pure, really how we wanted it. We didn’t realize she was there the entire day, yet she captured every moment perfectly.

Dear Esther, thanks for everything. For the photos, but especially for your support on this day and in the past few weeks. You are awesome!

Sylvia & Ryan, juli 2019

Wonderful afterglow!


We are enjoying the memory of our day with the photos taken by Esther!

Esther takes very beautiful, joyful, pure photos. During the pre-wedding shoot you get to know Esther and become acquainted to her way of photographing. This ensures that you no longer feel tense during your wedding shoot. The photosession will become a wonderful moment of enjoyment together. In addition, she is a nice, friendly woman who immediately makes you feel at ease.

Thanks to Esther we now have photos of how we really are!”

Silvana en Wilbert, september 2018

Photoshoot captures joy!


“We are so happy with the beautiful photos Esther took and the album she made. The photoshoot was very relaxed and it absolutely didn’t feel like posing. It felt so much more relaxed for us with our two little girls and that’s reflected in the photos. Esther managed to make a very complete photoshoot of our family, that radiates with joy!
Thanks again, Esther!!!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Margreet Tromp – Tjalsma, 21 september 2017


Completely surprised and impressed

“You are so good, Esther! You have completely surprised us (especially me) with the lifestyle newborn photography. I really had no idea what the result would be like. The fact that you come to help us select the photos, show us a video which brought me to tears within 5 seconds probably says enough! You take all the time for the shoot and for searching the photos together and ensure your customers are satisfied! You don’t settle for less and that’s your credit! We are really impressed by your work, eye for detail, catching the right emotions…and soon a beautiful photo on our wall!”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Selina Burgmeijer, 5 september 2017