Love shoot: celebrate love


There are many reasons to do a love shoot, engagement shoot or ‘pre-wedding photoshoot’. The most important one? Because it encourages the butterflies in your stomach so nicely!

The perfect preparation


In the build-up to your wedding you are busy with all preparations. You would almost forget what it’s all about: Love. During a pre-wedding photoshoot we go all the way back to the base: the two of you together.


Get surprised


For a love shoot we go to a beautiful outdoor location. Preferably a location that has a special meaning for you. Based on special questions I invite you to tell each other things. Things you perhaps didn’t know. Things you don’t speak out load to each other every day, but are very nice to hear.

Get surprised, amazed and overwhelmed by your loved one. Don’t worry if the other isn’t that romantic. There are no rules for this love shoot. Everyone is completely him/herself. Perfect!

Joy and love!


While you enjoy each other, I take beautiful pictures. A few small invites are usually sufficient for natural, spontaneous, love photos. Afterwards you go home with a warm, light feeling. Back to the preparations for the most wonderful day of your life. You are now looking forward to your wedding day even more.  



Introduction to the photographer


A love shoot gives you the chance to experience what it is like to be photographed by me. It’s like a final rehearsal for the wedding photography on your big day.


Pre-wedding shoot with children


Will there be children at your wedding day? Then a pre-wedding shoot is highly recommended. Children usually like to know what to expect, so they will be less nervous on the big day. It is also an advantage that they already know me a little. Above all: it brings fantastic photos of all of you together!


If you don’t look forward to it…


A pre-wedding shoot is a fantastic way to remove any doubts about the photographer on your wedding day. Many people – especially men – don’t like being photographed. I dare say that I can prove the opposite. During a love shoot you don’t have to pose. You will never feel uncomfortable. Most couples soon forget about me, which is logical. After all, the most wonderful person of the world is standing next to you!

Even if you are ‘just’ in love


Of course you don’t have to wait until you get married, to book such a wonderful photoshoot. Even if you are happily in love, you can make an appointment for a love shoot.


With love,


Rates love shoot


Beautiful and meaningfull photos of the two of you? You can book a photosession with prices starting at € 225,-

Do you prefer an appointment on Saturday? For a Saturday, there is an additional weekend-fee of € 50,-. With the exception of weddings, I’m not available on Sunday so I can spend precious time with my family.

Special offer: Are you available on a weekday (during school hours only) and do you at least want the ‘Butterfly Package’ (20 digital files)? Then I would like to offer you a discount of € 50,- on the normal rate.



Travelling expenses up to 15 km around p.o. box 2802 BE are included.
Outside this region, travelling expenses of €0,40 per kilometer are charged.